The Men’s Rights Movement

In this show, I discuss the central concerns of the “Men’s Rights Movement”, how the social doctrine of the Church matches up with it, and what simply must be done in this area in order to prevent societal collapse.

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I start off with a note to women and I complain about the modern media’s terrible influence in these matters. I make note of what I call “practical polygamy” (80-90% of women chasing after 10-20% of men). Perhaps most controversially, I tackle the issue of the advanced education of women and their “right” to work, and I break down the meaning of section 295 of the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, in light of sections 214, 249, and 251. I touch on homosexuality, gender competition, divorce rates, artificial contraception (and its corporatist backers), and more. Finally, I warn that we are just about in a matriarchal society, which will then resort to formal polygamy, and which will after that turn back to tradition. I plea for a more robust theology for men.

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Matthew Olson is a college student in the Diocese of Little Rock. He was raised in multiple Protestant denominations before eventually converting to Catholicism on 7 April 2012. His primary interests are theology, Church history, and ecumenism. He runs Answering Protestants and Catholic Analysis. He also has a Twitter account, @crucifixwearer.

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2 comments on “The Men’s Rights Movement
  1. Duke says:

    I believe American gender-feminists are going to keep perverting American law enforcement, keep pushing for more and more “manufactured statistics alliances” with American law enforcement…until we reach the point where hetero relationships become such a legal liability for guys..they are forced to go MGTOW just to retain their basic due process rights.

  2. Tracy says:

    You’d sell the message better if you would make it clear you’re speaking generally (assuming you are, assuming you don’t think that *no* woman has a calling to become a professor or doctor or what have you). As I’ve said many times, if the radical gender feminists would shut up, *and* if the truly misogynist types would shut up, most women would not want careers, and would want to become homemakers. The problems come when outliers are stifled. Stifle the outliers, and they become leaders of movements, like the Friedans and Steinems of the world.

    The fact is that some women are *not* called to married, nor are they called to the religious life. And some women are extremely gifted intellectually or artistically, and are driven to their field of study or creativity as much as many men are drawn to theirs (would you have told Einstein to forget that physics obsession of his?). Ignoring this basic fact and talking as if all women should never have careers (unless their family needs them to take one up) is not only cruel to and dehumanizing of those women, but it is bound to backfire since those outlier women, as said, will raise Hell about it, write books, and do what those same types of outliers did in the 60s and 70s.

    Another issue is that the world in which women could be homemakers happily is gone. Extended family and parish-based neighborhoods populated by other homemakers who shared your religion (or at least your basic morality!) prevented women from being alone all day with children. Being absolutely alone (in terms of adult companionship) in a house in a suburb somewhere, with no adult company, no help, is stifling. In fact, it’s vicious (if you don’t believe me, go find yourself, say, a 1 year old, a 4 year old, and an 8 year old and be with them 24/7 for two weeks on end, seeing another adult only around 6PM, with said other adult just wanting to relax and not hear about your problems. See how it goes and what happens to your will to live after that time. Note that you can’t send the kids outside to play nowadays unless you’re hovering nearby; busybodies will call CPS) Parish-based neighborhoods and the extended family need to be restored so that women who do want to stay home (which I believe most would) can do so without being driven mad.

    Finally, there is the problem of backlash against what’s going on today with our veritable matriarchy. I read Men’s Rights and “game” sites and, also, being Catholic, many Catholic forums, and I see a LOT of very real woman-hatred out there. If we want a restoration of the patriarchy — a sane, Catholic one — then good people had better speak out against the “ideas aren’t for girls” crowd, and those who are so angry that they talk about women as if we’re evil. Backlash always leads to backlash.

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