America Turns Nativist Against Pope Francis

After Donald Trump’s outrageous attacks on the Holy Father, many Americans — for now, especially those on the right — seem to agree that the Pope is an evil foreign tyrant.



Look at those numbers of support!

This is not the first time that the Trump team has attacked the Church. And Cardinal Timothy Dolan saw this coming.

Glenn Beck, an ex-Catholic with an axe to grind, said today that he “[does not] think the Pope respects our national boundaries”. Even Chris Matthews, a man of deep cultural Catholicism, brought out Mark 12:17 yesterday.

Just look at these anti-Catholic tweets from the alleged “moderate Republican” Joe Scarborough and the always-rabid Ann Coulter:








See also: Anti-Catholicism in America (15 June 2014)


Matthew Olson is a student in the Diocese of Little Rock.

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2 comments on “America Turns Nativist Against Pope Francis
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