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Jeb Bush: The Man of the Year

He’s been faithful [1–3], smart [4–5], caring [6], and devoted to his wife and children [7]. Yet, he’s belittled and reviled [8]. I’m talking about Jeb Bush, the man who started out on top but fell quickly [9], the man

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The Roosevelts and the Church

Like the Bushes, the Roosevelts were, in their own ways, hospitable to the Church. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt and Pope Leo XIII exchanged prayers, congratulations, warm regards, and gifts. [1–5] Teddy’s government was also allowed to make recommendations for appointments to

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Anti-Catholicism in America

In this episode, I briefly detail the long history of anti-Catholicism in the Protestant United States of America. (Cited letters available here.) (Alternative link, via Vimeo.)

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