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The Vatican and the New World Order

While the Holy See no longer exercises the temporal power it once did, [1] it is still a major player on the world stage. Papal representatives have long been spread throughout the world, [2] and, in the past 150 years,

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Protestantism in Latin America

It has long been believed that Protestantism “is a sort of Trojan Horse, whose ultimate purpose is to eclipse and replace local culture while extending the cultural hegemony of the United States” (Jose Leonardo Santos, Evangelical Conversion, 2008, p. 83).

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Charles Coulombe Tells All

The following is a slightly edited transcript of my recent interview with Catholic historian Charles Coulombe, KCSS. Hello, Charles. I have some questions for you today. First, I know that you admire the works of Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. And

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State vs. Church: Bad Gov’t Hates Catholicism

We know that American officials often promote immorality abroad [1; 2; 3; 4], and we know that America also has a severe strain of anti-Catholicism, but governments often find that they need religion for legitimacy, and Protestantism has proven to

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The Roosevelts and the Church

Like the Bushes, the Roosevelts were, in their own ways, hospitable to the Church. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt and Pope Leo XIII exchanged prayers, congratulations, warm regards, and gifts. [1–5] Teddy’s government was also allowed to make recommendations for appointments to

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Is Islam better than Christianity at Science?

In this short clip, I analyze the important relationship between Christians (especially Syriacs) and Muslims in the realm of scientific advancement. (Vimeo, Gloria)

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The Legacy of Pope Alexander VI

[This is part of Catholic Analysis’ special series on Pope Alexander VI. This final part, the eighth, gives the rest of his legacy. Read the seventh part.] “..the history of Alexander VI as it has reached us is a tissue

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